PSPS Podcast

The PSPS Podcast is not your average podcast. That was our priority in putting our podcast together. As with all of PSPS didactics and lectures, we wanted evidence-based medicine to be the driving force behind our podcast. However, at the same time we wanted to ensure that the format was not redundant and repetitive with what is already available.

So as not to duplicate other medical and educational podcasts already available, we geared the podcast to be much more informal. The PSPS podcast was created to provide listeners with access to a more intimate discussion, similar to that of which you would experience via an after-hours or “fireside” chat. Guests include leaders within the fields of Pain Management, Interventional Spine, and Spine Surgery.

Through the PSPS Podcast we hope listeners will learn not only about the medical topics but equally important the physicians/colleagues behind it all. We will delve into how they got into the field, their personal passions, and personal pearls of wisdom for both seasoned and upcoming pain specialists. New episodes will be posted every 2-4 weeks.

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